Life contrasted

What is one, but a number if not surrounded by zeros and twos, What

is positive, but a word without its negative, What

is happy, but a meaningless emotion without sadness.


When happiness is all we’re looking for, but we neglect the disappointments, The

blue no-coffee Mondays, The

post-New Years first gym visit, The

boyfriend’s work-first neglect, Life

is but a monotone if not for its ups and downs.


Embrace those inner demons as you would the cake on your birthdays. Hold

them dearly and acquaint them like they are family. As

they are the worst of you, and the best of you. They are what made you who you are.


The lonely you, the anxious you, the overthinking you, The

kind you, the always-smiling you and even the just-out-of-bed you.


Life is precious, it’s sweet, but also harsh and devious.

Accept it, expect it, anticipate it and love it.


Because when the down is done, there’s only up. When

life is down, you’re up for a challenge. When down is done,

you work your best, you show your best, you be your best.


If you do not conquer it, a life of is but a tragedy, but if you do

a single day can be a triumph.


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